Living Air Design offers Intelligent HVAC systems in Southern California
Energy Sustainability

Energy Sustainability is our highest priority

Our focus at Living Air Design is to offer the best energy efficiencies systems. These include:

Heat Pump

A heat pump operates 100% on electricity to provide both heating and cooling within the same system components. Heat pumps are an efficient way to achieve comfort in your home, by moving heat where it needs to be to make you comfortable.

  • In the winter, the system moves heat from the outside to indoors, and
  • In the summer, the system moves heat from inside your home to outside where it belongs.

Heat pumps do not burn gas for the heating mode.    

Inverter Technology

Each heat pump incorporates inverter technology that enables the system to reach your comfort setting faster, and keep it steady. It creates maximum comfort and does not fluctuate – allowing the delivery to be very energy efficient lowering your operating costs.

Traditional units are very inefficient that require a lot of energy to start the outdoor unit’s compressor on each start-up.

Our designs use inverter compressor technology which conserves energy by running the outdoor unit at the right speed all the time, keeping your indoor space at the right temperature all the time.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration)

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio – a measurement of the system’s cooling energy efficiency.

The higher the number – the better system efficiency.

Achieving a higher efficiency system is only possible if the system is designed and installed properly.

Our sales engineers can explain and provide you all the information you require.

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