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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


We all know the importance of indoor air quality – and we trust the HVAC system installed in our home or office is equipped with the correct solution. 

You remember that 1″ thick filter hidden inside the HVAC system. Remember how it was recommended to regularly replace the filter? Well……if you are like me, you just want to turn on system when it is hot or cold – and remain comfortable. Do not want the hassle – right?

And that is why a reliable HVAC expert is important to manage this process and recommend the right air filtration. 

The air-filtration and air-purification process is critical to filtrate all indoor air that can be teeming with viruses, bacteria, VOCs, fungal spores, and allergens. On average, we spend between 80–95% of our lives indoor and breathe in more than 2000 gallons of indoor air every day. So, the chances of breathing in pollutants are very high. 

In addition to normal air filters fitted to any HVAC system, the retrofitting of Bipolar ionization is a highly recommended technology to purify and improve the indoor air quality. These use a small amount of electrical energy within the HVAC unit to create positive and negative ions which are distributed into the airstream of any air conditioning system. These ions neutralize pollutants and pathogens in the air when the fan operates providing an effective solution to reduce the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria, especially in the times of pandemics like COVID-19.

In addition to the health benefits, Bipolar ionization will also help to increase the efficiency of the HVAC system by reducing the quantity of particles in the airstream that clog the system, and reduce the pressure of the fan power to improve airflow circulation – and save you money on utility bills. 

Well Air “Plasma Air” products use needlepoint bipolar ionization technology to safely and continuously purify the indoor air and make it simple to retrofit into any HVAC system. Check it out!

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